Kataoka Jewelry Parties in Dallas

Dallas was an instant love affair for Yoshinobu Kataoka, the designer of Kataoka Jewelry as he landed in the warm embrace of his Ylang 23 jewelry fans. His trip kicked off with a drive by his billboard on the Dallas Tollway on the way to a Cocktails and Shopping event at the Ann and Gabriel… Read More

The Look: Go Gold in Olympic Worthy Jewels

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are in full swing and we can’t wait to watch all the American athletes compete for Olympic Gold. Veteran Olympian Michael Phelps has already medaled in the men’s relay, taking his tally to 23 medals, 19 of them gold.  Will gymnast Simone Biles score a perfect 10 in the all-around and will… Read More

The Y23: Yannis Sergakis

Don’t let the delicacy of his designs fool you, Yannis Sergakis’ collection of jewels are spectacular statement pieces. His simple, yet unique and intricately designed pieces of yellow, white, rose, and blackened gold dazzle in circular diamond clusters that are shaped into such designs as winged earrings, studs that mimic mini molecules, and chandeliers with chains that have rock… Read More

Eye Spy: Three New Designers to Love at Ylang 23

New talent has exploded this season at Ylang 23 which always manages to discover the most spectacular new jewels. Here are three new collections whose beauty ranges from bold and bedazzled to inspiring to pure and organic. What’s your mood? Sanjay Kasliwal We are in awe of jewelry designer Sanjay Kasliwal’s contemporary Indian jewelry designs. Think modern interpretations… Read More

Eye On The Scene: A Stylish Shopping Soiree and Dinner with Jewelry Designer Jennifer Meyer

Lael Brodsky’s modern Frank Welch designed abode recently played host to a bevy of chic shoppers, including some from California and Houston, dropping all other plans to see jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, in town from Los Angeles. Asked how many times Meyer has visited Dallas, she responded ‘we’ve lost count’, and it showed at the party as Jennifer reconnected with so many of her… Read More

Travel Diary: Ylang 23’s Alysa Teichman’s South American Adventure

Ylang 23’s Alysa Teichman took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South America before she rejoins the Ylang 23 team post grad-school (NYU MBA graduate, hooray!) in Dallas later this summer. Her travels took her from the vibrant cities of Argentina to the majestic mountains of Chile, the fields of Bolivia, to the sacred ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Here, in… Read More